Wednesday, October 18 | Free admission & everyone is welcome

PANEL #1: The Team of “Platypus”
– This year’s BravoFact winners share their experience making their short film, “Platypus”
|  7:00 – 8:15 


Trevor Kristjanson | Director – Trevor is an actor and producer, known for Boy Toys which was recently part of CBC’s 2017 Short Film Face Off.

Jessica Gibson |  Producer – Since 2012, Jessica has been the Production Manager at Media Rendezvous. She began working in film & television in 2007 after studying acting and realizing that she also had a passion for working behind the scenes.

Josh Benoit – Writer | Josh is Coelement’s Lead Producer and has over a decade’s worth of filmmaking experience in various roles, from writing and directing to wardrobe and location scouting.

Moderated by Thomas Pashko, writer and film critic for The Uniter.

INTERMISSION | 8:15 – 8:30

SCREENING #1 | 8:30 – 10

How You Get the Girl – Kristin Carlow (4 Minutes)

A Little Monster Movie – Vincent Tang (4 Minutes)

Always the Same – Solmund MacPherson (4 Minutes)//Music by Orlando Gloom

Inside the Queendom – Thomas Hanan (8 Minutes)

Cannapple – Sara Bulloch & Luke Whitmore (2 Minutes)

Angel Dust – Jesse De Rocquigny (9 Minutes)

The Art of Adversity – Victoria Exconde (4 Minutes)

Lure – Giuseppe Colatruglio (8 Minutes)

Private Show – Vincent Allen (4 Minutes) //Music by The OB

The Yoga Bridge – Michael Orlando (6 Minutes)

Simple as That – Kaitlin Vitt, Madelaine Lapointe, & Samantha Squire (8 Minutes)

Tricks – Andy Bart (2 Minutes)

The Big City – Evan Luchkow (6 Minutes)

Carcass on Campus – Jhurmel Pascua (7 Minutes)

Blood’s Thicker than Water – Eric Peterson (14 Minutes)

Thursday, October 19 | Free admission & everyone is welcome

PANEL #2: First Features: A guide to embarking on your first feature length film |  7:00 – 8:15 


Becca Blackwood –  After producing a feature film and directing Begonia’s “Out Of My Head” music video, Becca is now working on her second feature with filmmaker, Ryan McKenna.

Mark Ennis – Mark was one of three recipients nationwide in Canada to receive Telefilm’s Aboriginal Microbudget Production Grant. His short film Red Clay, provided the inspiration for his first feature length film, Road of Iniquity.

Carlyle Paetkau – UWinnipeg almuni and one of the founders of local production company, Build Films, Carlyle is in the process of completing his feature documentary which is a recipient of Telefilm’s Micro-budget Production Program.

BJ Verot – A UWinnipeg alumni and recent recipient of Telefilm’s Mirco-Budget Production Program, BJ is working on his first feature film. BJ Verot is the creative producer behind Strata Studios, writing, producing and directing is his specialty.

Moderated by David Knipe, Cinematheque’s Operations Manager.

INTERMISSION | 8:15 – 8:30

SCREENING #2 | 8:30 – 10

The Funny Part –Tavis Putnam (3 Minutes)

The Debut – Allegra Chiarella (6 Minutes)

Cream Soda – Jordan Moreau (2 Minutes)

Our City’s Pride – Danelle Granger (12 Minutes)

Unnoticed – Eden Carter & Adrian McMorris (2 Minutes)

Encore – Cassidy Mann (3 Minutes) //Music by Cassidy Mann

Delon: The Ronin – Finn Higgins & Tom Groom (7 Minutes)

Home Sewn – Morgan Jones (5 Minutes)

Suck it and See – Adam Yasinski (11 Minutes)

The Birthday Party – Tamika Reid (1 Minute)

The Lake – Miranda Moroz (4 Minutes)

Last Stop – Eric Peterson (3 Minutes) //Music by Sam Singer

Forgotten – Jesse Spence (6 Minutes)

Keys – Kenji Dyck (2 Minutes)

Shot in the Dark –Jesse De Rocquigny (5 Minutes)

Hero –Jhurmel Pascua (16 Minutes)

Friday, October 20 | Free admission & everyone is welcome

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Ryan McKenna | 7:00 – 8:15

Ryan McKenna is an award winning Canadian filmmaker. He was born in Saint Boniface (Manitoba), but has been based out of Montreal since 2008. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg. He completed his first feature film in 2012 – The First Winter, which premiered at Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema, and went on to play Moscow International, Raindance, IndieLisboa, among others. His most recent film is the short experimental documentary Controversies, which is making its rounds on the festival circuit having already played as an official selection at Hot Docs, DOXA, RIDM, DMZ, GST, NSOT at the Cannes Film Festival, the Doc Fortnight MoMA, among many others.

INTERMISSION | 8:15 – 8:30

AWARDS | 8:30 – 9:30