1. Who is eligible to submit?
    Any post-secondary student from any institution is eligible to submit along with filmmakers who were students in 2017/18 academic year. These students may have graduated or may not have continued their studies into the 2018/19 academic year.
  2. How many films can I submit?
    You can submit up to three films.
  3. Is there a length restriction on my film?
    You can submit a film of any length. Keep in mind, this festival’s focus is short-form filmmaking.
  4. I graduated this year, but now I’m no longer a student. Can I still submit?
    Yes! Graduated filmmakers are eligible to submit if they were students during the 2017/18 academic year.
  5. I go to school outside of Manitoba. Am I eligible to submit?
    Yes! This is great opportunity to showcase your work in Manitoba.
  6. I’m a student now, can I submit a film from when I wasn’t a student?
    All work must be created when the filmmaker was a student. All submitted works must be completed after 2013.
  7. I’m a student and worked on a film, but didn’t write, direct or produce it. Can I submit it?
    A film is eligible if a student holds a credit on the film as writer, director or producer.
  8. I submitted my film online, how do I know the festival has received it?
    Once you have submitted your film(s), you should see a confirmation load on the following page. If you do not, please email info@uwpgfilmfest.com
  9. When will I know if my film is selected to screen at the festival?
    We will be in touch with you by email by Oct. 10, 2018.
  10. Who is judging my film?
    We’ve assembled a team of industry professionals. Our selection jury will be released on our website soon.
  11. What nomination categories are there?
    We will be releasing the nomination categories soon.
  12. Is the event free? Can non-students come?
    Yes, the event is entirely free –free to submit and free to attend. All are welcome to attend!
  13. I submitted my film last year and it didn’t get in. Can I resubmit the same film?
    Yes, you can resubmit your film. Like all submitted films, there is no guarantee your film will play at the festival.
  14. My film has licensed music in it. Can I still submit it?
    Yes, unlike other festivals, we allow films to screen with licensed music. We encourage filmmakers to own the rights to the music in their films because it provides the option to submit the film to other festivals.
  15. Can I submit a rough cut?
    Yes! On your submission, please let us know you will providing us with a final cut. Please be advised, your film will be judged on the version you have submitted

Have a question that wasn’t answered? Email info@uwpgfilmfest.com